Debut Novel

The Polka-dotted Tragedy
into Exceeding Brightness


It is the city of Philadelphia in the year 2015. Icicles like crystal carrots hang from the cornices and copulas of buildings, wind flaps the jackets of those bold enough to walk the black wet streets. This is the story of JUSTICE LOVE, born twenty-one years ago in a maximum security prison to a mother, REGINA, who will remain there forever — serving life without parole. Justice has matured into a highly educated, driven young woman under the unorthodox tutelage of her father, JOHNNY. But behind Justice’s beauty is a seething rage against two police detectives and a prosecutor who unjustly sent her mother to prison. As a child she discovered that her body is anatomically flawed, which pushes her to an even darker place of secrecy and brooding. This is her vengeful journey of payback to American society for all she believes they have taken from her. Because of the vicious crime she commits, not only is she impactful of the lives of unlikely characters in this fast city, but she learns who she really is in a soaring metamorphosis. Rosemari Banks has written a thrilling, purgatorial, unconventional narrative with subtle wit, biting political observation and poetic prose in the post-modern genre of magical realism. A novel that brings a clarity to our time, The Polka-dotted Tragedy into Exceeding Brightness is Book Zero of a tetralogy.